AliHart (Tongkat Ali) – 60 Capsules


AliHart has testosterone which is one of the key hormones in our body that is associated with masculinity, energy, mood, stamina, libido, and overall general health.
Therefore, both men and women can gain similar advantages by restoring testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali is categorized by scientists as an adaptogen and anabolic plant.

Benefits Of Immeri Products Alihart

1. Increases the Production of Testosterone

2. Improves Sexual Health & Libido

3. Improve Strength, Muscle & Physical Activities.

4. Stimulate Weight Loss and Body Fat
With benefits stretching from levels and increasing muscle strength.
5. Potential Treatment for Osteoporosis

6. Anti-Cancer properties to aid Cancer Treatment

7. Reduce Stress, Anger & Improve Mood

8. Enhancing the Immune System

9. Potentially Reduce Blood Sugar Level

10. Reduction in Blood Pressure


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