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Faforon Compensation Plan, Become A Distributor

Faforon compensation plan. Are you looking to become a distributor of faforon? Well, I believe you’d want to know what’s in it for you.

We have compiled everything you need to know about Faforon compensation plan and how to become a distributor of this product.

If time is not on your side to go through this article, just click here and put your email and we will email you the complete compensation plan in PDF format so you can go through them at your convenience time, you can join the whatsApp group.

Going through their compensation plan was quite interesting as their bonuses are mouth-watering. Gone are the days companies take us for a ride. While we work and make big money, they pay us peanuts. With Faforon compensation plan, your compensation is worth the effort.

Faforon Compensation Video Explanation

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Faforlife offers 9 unique ways to earn.

  1. Sponsor Bonus
  2. Welcome Bonus
  3. Business Bonus
  4. Leverage Bonus
  5. Placement Bonus
  6. Lifestyle Rewards
  7. Free Education Access
  8. Maintenance Bonus
  9. Rank Advancement Bonus.

5 Packages Of Faforlife Distributorship Plan

  • Smart N6,000
  • Basic N18,000
  • Super N48,000
  • Biz-Class N120,000
  • Biz-Executive N270,000

Faforon Compensation Plan Sponsorship Bonuses

  • Basic. -N4500
  • Super -N12,000
  • Biz class-N30,000
  • Biz Executive -N67,000

In Faforlife you can earn 40 percent of the package that you refer to regardless of the package you own. Even if you’re an ordinary member (18k), and refer a Biz Executive to Faforlife, you will still earn an additional 40% from N270,000, which is about N67,000.

This only happens in Faforlife. Other companies also offer this feature. you can earn a referral bonus based on your plan.

Faforon Welcome Bonuses

Faforlife offers a free token called BitGig tokens cryptocurrency, which increases on a daily basis.

You can withdraw your money in Naira or can accumulate them to obtain the fully Crypto coin, which will offer amazing discounts during the bits ICO list in May 2022. 

You can transfer your funds into Binance and begin trading the coins. This is an opportunity to get rich with digital assets in the near future.

  • Basic. 30
  • Super. 80
  • Biz Class. 
  • 200 Biz Executive 45

A pair of Faforlife includes 40pv to the left and 40pv to the right.

  1. Basic membership: You earn 5.5 percent, which is equivalent to about N990 per couple. You can enjoy 20 daily pers. ie. N990 20 per day.
  2. Super member: earn 8percent, which equals the equivalent of N1440 for each pair. You’re entitled to 30 pairs per day. ie. N1440 x 30 per day.
  3. Members of BizClass: you earn 12percent which is N2,160. You’re entitled to 42 pairs per day, i.e. N2,160 x 42 per day.
  4. The Biz executive member You get 15%, which equals N2700. You’re entitled to 100 pairs per day. ie. N2700 x 100 every day.

Compensation Plan Leverage Bonus

This is the amount you get when the downline you sponsored receives a business or pairing bonus from an individual he personally hasd sponsored. You will earn a matching bonus up to the amount that is qualified for your plan.

When your downlines earn the pairing bonus, you’ll receive a share of the profits.

  • Basic: 1 level( 5%)
  • Super : 2 levels ( 5%, 3%)
  • Biz Class: 3 levels ( 5%,3%,3%)
  • Biz Executive: 6 levels ( 5%,3%,3%2%,1%,1%)

Faforlife Placement Bounus

This is what each active user earns for every registration that is made with the sponsor’s ID as the placement ID.

i.e. when the left and right binary legs have been filled, you’ll have to create a new user ID to set up another downline. The ID of the user that will be used to place the downline will comprise only 1% of the total package, while you as the sponsor will get 8%.

If your upline is able to place an executive from your business for you, you will earn N2700 doing nothing.

  • Basic: N180
  • Super:N480
  • Biz Class: 1200
  • Biz Executive: 2700


It is the token that you earn with every sign-up.

  • Basic: 40. G-token
  • Super:100. G-token
  • Biz Class: 260 G-token
  • Biz Executive:600-G token


You can avail of no-cost courses of study based on the package you have purchased.

  • Basic Courses: 2 courses
  • Super 4 courses
  • Biz Class: 6 courses
  • Biz Executive: Unlimited courses.


1. SILVER ( 5000 PV): 2500 PV to the left side and 2500 PV to the right. Incentive: Smartphone or N112,500.Earn 1000pv per month and earn N22,500 rank monthly bonus

2. GOLD(10,445PV): Incentive: Laptop or N188,000. Earn 2089 PV per month and earn a N42,300 rank bonus monthly.

3. RUBY( 26,667PV) Incentive: Gold-plated watch or N480,000 Earn 5,334PV per month and earn a monthly rank bonus of N84,000

4. Diamond Executive( 57,778 PV)Incentive: Trip to Dubai or N1,040,000 Earn monthly 11,556Pv and earn N156,000 rank bonus per month.

5. AMBASSADOR ( 166,667PV) Incentive: First car or N3,000,000 Monthly, generate 33,334pv and earn N300,000 as a monthly rank bonus

6. CROWN AMBASSADOR ( 555,556PV) Incentive: 2nd Car or N10,000,000 Monthly, earn 111,112PV and earn N750,000 rank bonus per month.

7. DIRECTOR ( 1,333,334 PV) Incentive: Holiday and house with your family in London or N30,000,000Earn monthly 266,667PV and earn N1,200,000 per month rank bonus

To become Faforon Distributor, call 08026286059 or WhatsApp Here. We can email you the complete compensation plan PDF guide if you put your email here. Also, Join Distributors whatsapp Presentation here. All to know about Faforon here

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